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an image of cartoon characters with different expressions
Anger in a Nutshell [Comic]
Anger in a Nutshell [Comic]
two comics that show people in bed and one is not happy with the other person
The Difference Between Lust And Long-Time Love, As Told In Comics
a black and white drawing of a book with the words i'm a terrible person, but i have a good reason
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there are two different pictures with words in the middle and one has an image of animals on it
Think about it - Meme
a woman swimming in the ocean surrounded by plastic bags
"Plastic Surf" from Weston Fuller
fake tears for your ex's funeral message in a small plastic tube with writing on it
the mermaid and prince are standing in the water
Film Review: Aquaman — Strange Harbors
Strange Harbors Film Review | Aquaman #DC #DCEU #DCUniverse #DCComics #Aquaman#Mera #JusticeLeague #JasonMomoa #AmberHeard #Superheroes #ComicBook #ComicBookMovie #Comics #Movies #Film #MovieReview #FilmReview #Cinematography #Cinema
the words it's all lies, daring in white text on a black background
@𝓈𝓍𝓋𝓍𝑔𝑒𝑔𝒶𝓁 ☾
a poem written in black and white with the words, most common lies on it
Most Common Lies
I would post it under funny quotes but most of these lies I have said and now I can't stop Lol
two comics with people talking to each other
That pretty much sums my life up. - Comic & Webtoon
That pretty much sums my life up.