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an info sheet with different types of boats in it
The Truth About Visiting the Blue Lagoon in Iceland: Helpful Tips + All You Need to Know
Do This, Not That // Iceland's Need-To-Know Blue Lagoon Tips
a map of iceland's ring road
Iceland Ring Road Map
something that would be useful for a first time tourist, the kind of map I would have wanted for my trip.I took inspiration from metro system maps, in which they sometimes distort the geographic distance between stations in order to show the overall topology of the system itself. I found the experience of driving along the ring road to be analogous to a metro system: it's a series of stops along a continuous route. And it's called the ring road, so why not just make it a ring?I kept relative
a poster with the words iceland places to see in 10 days and pictures of different locations
How to plan your 10 day Iceland road trip Itinerary? Choose from 75+ attractions
Best 10 day Iceland road trip Itinerary (routes, maps and 75+ places to see)
an info sheet with different types of lights in the sky and on earth's surface
10 Things No One Ever Tells You About Northern Lights - Luxe Adventure Traveler
Facts about the Northern Lights
an info sheet with the names and numbers for different places in the world on it
Northern Lights: Best Locations and Times to Visit, a Complete Guide
there is a small waterfall in the middle of this lake with blue water and rocks
Spa Pool #2 - Karijini N.P. Western Australia by Mark Shean | Redbubble
✯ Karijini National Park, Western Australia
two people walking across a large body of water with mountains in the backgroud
a poster with different types of surfboards on it
Quick and Easy Guide to the Best Caribbean Islands - Easy Planet Travel
Quick Guide to the Caribbean Islands (infographic)
an aerial view of a river running through the jungle with waterfalls in the background
Blue Water Waterfalls, Mexico