Deodorant crème 40ml. Deodorant creme tegen zweet geur

Deodorant cream - Real all natural body deodorant cream

100% pure Dittany etherische olie in extra vergine olijfolie.

Dittany oil - pure real essential dittany oil for face care cosmetics

Labdanum Aladania, de wilde roze rots-roos olie (50 ml).

This oil accentuates its firming and anti-aging properties by being infused in pure olive oil and used in face creams and oils.

Glycerine zeep met zee- spons en citroengeur. Ideaal als scheerzeep

Glycerin face soap with sea sponge - Lemon

Loofah glycerine zeep met Jasmijn geur. Handgemaakte scrubzeep

Glycerin body soap with Loufah sponge - Jasmine

Handgemaakte olijfolie zeep met Dittany. tegen een geirriteerde huid

Handmade Olive oil Dittany soap - soap against skin irritation

Handgemaakte Olijfolie zeep met rozengeur. Gezichtszeep

Handmade rose Olive oil soap for face and body - luxery soap with Roses

Aloe Vera Gel met biologische Aloe Vera sap. Puur Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera Gel with organic Aloe Vera juice.

Borsten verzorgingsolie 100ml. Johannesbrood olie of Carob olie

Breast care with pure cretan Carob oil - female breast care oil

Loofah glycerine zeep met rozengeur. Loofah scrub zeep

Loofah glycerin soap with roses. Ideal as a body scrub, against cellulite and dry heels. Spoil yourself with this bio aroma handmade body scrub soap.

Bijenwas zalf tegen huidproblemen 40ml. bijenwas ointment creme

Traditional cretan beeswax ointment with olive oil and essential oils of dittany of Crete, chamomile and lavender. Ideal for dry skin, burns, wounds, eczema and other skin problems.

Olijf douchegel met dictamus en jasmijn 250ml. Natuurlijke badschuim

Olijf douchegel met dictamus en jasmijn 250ml. Natuurlijke badschuim

Diep hydraterende body serum 200 ml. hydraterende lichaamscreme

Diep hydraterende body serum 200 ml.

Body creme Hydraterend en versterkend 200ml. bijenwas huidcreme

Body Cream hydrating-tightening, for a deep hydrated and velvet-like skin.

Creme tegen huid striemen 200ml. creme tegen zwangerschapsstriemen

BioAroma Anti stretch marks cream even if stretch marks already exist, the anti-stretch marks cream is really effective in reducing their size.