Paxos, Tripitos Arch

Paxos, Tripitos Arch, Greece I want to go to Greece sooooo bad!

Paradise...Paxos Island.

Paradise...Paxos Island.

The little alleys of Mykonos, Greece

It's just perfect to be walking in the streets of Mykonos early in the morning! The town is a short drive from Luxury Villa Aesara.

Erimitis, Paxos Island

Beaches in Greece consistently get the highest ratings in the EU Blue Flag ranking system. This one is Paxoi Island, Greece

Anti Paxos - Cruising Greece

Anti Paxos is famous for its renowned beaches, among which Voutoúmi, with its exotic turquoise waters, is supposed to be one of the most beautiful in the world.

paxos island -Greece

Behold The Turquoise Waters of Greece Photos). All pictures inside.


Paxos, water cave, swimming there