leek & gruyere phyllo rolls

As much as I love my burger and fries, I am always looking for ways to play around with veggies and transform them into something equally delicious. The great thing about leeks is that they are so …

healthy zucchini fritters

After baking my double caramel cinnamon buns twice in two days I felt the need to redeem myself by cooking something light and healthy which would still taste as good as its fried cousin.

olive oil & white wine addictive biscuits

Do you like chips (or crisps if you’re a Brit)? Of course your do. Let me rephrase, do you have the willpower to just stop at one, or two, or Or are you like me, a. the chips/crisps a…

coconut & almond homemade granola

Remember how I told you that I am a savory breakfast person? Back in the days when we used to travel the breakfast served at the various choices of accommodation could literally make or break the s…

homemade ketchup

This is for Elpida. Back when I was in primary school we were obsessed with this game where we were supposed to pick two things we would take with us if we were ever stranded on a deserted island.

easy peasy lemonade

When we first moved to the suburbs we decided to plant a few fruit trees in the garden. We had this romantic notion of growing our own fruits and vegetables effortlessly.

spicy baked chicken drumsticks

Do you ever find yourself going through food preferences phases? I remember hating mushrooms as a kid and only eating ONE kind of cheese.

soft and fluffy rolls

After 15 years of baking my own bread at home I must say I seriously can’t imagine my life without it. A bit far-fetched? Not in the slightest.

pull apart pizza bread

Apart from the fact that our first pizza adventures included a non-edible-no-salt-added-epic-fail-hubby-tried-to-cook version & a charcoaled-rolled-out-way-too-thin-Pillsbury-in-desperate-searc…

coconut, almond & cranberries chocolate bark

One of the most vivid memories I have from my childhood is the evening my sister and I were left alone in our house whilst my parents went out to dinner with some friends. As they were running late…

double caramel cinnamon buns

I dedicate this post to all the cinnamon bun lovers out there. First time I ever tried the REAL DEAL, I had just inhaled my favorite Jack Daniels burger & curly fries and needless to say I alre…

eggs tomato & cheese breakfast

I am a breakfast person. To be more exact, I am a SAVORY breakfast person. I would choose ham over jam & cheese over chocolate every single time If I had the choice.

lemon feta dip

Are you a garlic lover or a garlic hater? I don’t remember meeting anyone that is somewhere in between. It is one of those things you either devour or can’t stand.

baby spinach, avocado & strawberries salad

I first saw strawberries added to a salad back in the days when I was sort of frequenting TGI Friday’s (two to three times a year) to get my junk food high by devouring my favorite Jack Danie…

classic red pasta sauce

This is for Tracey A proper tomato sauce only needs two things. Good quality, sweet & juicy fresh tomatoes & 2 hours of our time.