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a quote on the side of a body of water with mountains in the background
5 Stages of Grief & How to Survive Them | Love Lives On
a woman standing in front of clouds with her arms crossed and the words, grit never ends
Grief Ministry
people who can't communicate with each other is an argument
True Words, Art, Parents, Parenting Quotes, Mom Life Quotes
an image of a man with a quote on it that says, consider how hard it is to change yourself and you'll understand & understand what little
Prove your humanity
a yellow sign with a quote on it that says, the democracy will ease to exit when you take away from those who are
an old photo with the words life is like a camera
'Life Is Like a Camera' Prints - Katie Doucette | AllPosters.com
'Life Is Like a Camera' Prints - Katie Doucette | AllPosters.com
a poem written in black with horses pulling a covered wagon on the front and back
Does this sound familiar? As I walked one day with my father, he suddenly asked me: -Besides the song of the birds, da you heal anything else? -Ves, I answered. The nolse of a wagon. -Excellent, he said. And it's empty. --Empty? And how do you know, if we haven‘t seen it? -Very easy: because of the nolse It makes. The emptier the wagon is, the greater the nalse it makes. Since then... When I see someone talking too much, bragging of what he has, and helittllng others, I seem to hear my father's voice: >The emptier the wagon is... the greater the noise it makes. - iFunny
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