Retirement home...

An illustration for Amsterdams Steunpunt Wonen (ASW) about the living conditions in some retirement homes.

China is slowly choking to death on its own economic growth.

China is slowly choking on its own economic growth. Today's cartoon: 'Made in China' by Tjeerd Royaards

The royal baby, headed for a life in the media spotlight.

Today's cartoon: 'Royal Baby, Royally Screwed' by Tjeerd Royaards.

Hugo Chavez is not only clinging on to life, but also to power.

Today's cartoon: 'Hugo Chavez, 1954 - by Tjeerd Royaards

Lady Justice of India

Protesters in India have called for the death penalty, as five men are charged with rape and murder.

Supervising the eurozone.

European leaders have agreed to grant the European central bank the authority to supervise banks in member states.

Gaza Weather Forecast

What will the weather be like in Gaza in the coming days? Published by and Courrier International.