Theodore Loukatos

Theodore Loukatos

Theodore Loukatos
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If you dream of living completely off-grid, while being able to move your location anywhere in the world, we suggest you take a look at the Ecocapsule (.

Smartflower the only solar system you will need!

Most drones you can buy today have quite a few week points: they require a learning curve to operate, they often crash and break down, and they can harm.

the gate smart lock, camera-equipped to watch the home

Virtual reality startup company Hyve, out of Berlin, Germany, has just come as close as the average person can get to that age-old dream of flying.

Love Turntable by Yves Béhar Designs – Men& Gear

The world’s smallest water scooter equipped with double propellers for swimming,snorkeling,diving

a portable cassette player reduced to the core, elbow gets rid of the plastic casing usually found on a tape player and strips it back to a single pulley.

Everything you need to know about the flying cars available this year - Electronic Products

This flexible exoskeleton, designed by Swiss studio Sapetti, allows its wearer to sit down whenever and wherever they need to.