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D&D 5th Edition - Taggriell: Photo

D&D 5th Edition RPG campaign journal. Listing the on going adventure in the lands of Taggriell. ----------- DM: Ivan. ---------- Players: Rob, Arthur, Travis, Paul, Bob and John. ----------- Location: Perth, Western Australia

The Umbrella Home: A Simple Underground House Design

“Umbrella home” is a new and innovating concept that can help you build a sustainable home and save a lot of money in the cold season. The name makes reference to earth-sheltered homes that use a new technique, by placing an insulating “umbrella” on top of the house. The “umbrella” is hidden in the earth […]

The Rural Landowner’s Guide to Earth Sheltered Homes

Earth sheltered homes are not just for hobbits. An expert explains why they're are more affordable, sustainable and durable than more traditional housing.

Forget Shipping Containers Use Box Culverts for Your Bunker

After you do a little research, you are going to want to forget about burying shipping containers underground and use a box culvert bunker instead.

Gallery: Clever concepts for low-cost housing

​They say constraint breeds creativity, and anybody looking to get into home ownership will be well familiar with the constraints that go with it. Here we take a look at some clever solutions to low-cost housing, including a few whose appearance far outstrips their price tag.

Use Box Culverts for Fast Bridge Replacement - NPCA

Installed quickly with less labor, maintenance-free precast concrete box culvert bridges deliver a long service life.

Fresno - Box Culverts

Jensen Precast is one of the largest producers of reinforced precast concrete box culvert products in the industry. With 3 styles of box culvert, and manufacturing plants located throughout the Western United States, both contractor and specifier have limitless options to fulfill project requirements. All of our Box Culvert structures are designed by a staff of Professional Civil & Structural Engineers certified by the NPCA and adhere to AASHTO, ASTM and ACI guidelines. Precast Concrete Box…

Box & 3-Sided Culverts - NPCA

Precast concrete box and 3-sided culverts are incredibly versatile and can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes and configurations.

Worried About Nuclear War? Here's How to Buy Yourself an Underground Shelter | Washingtonian (DC)

You can protect yourself from the dangers of nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare—just below your own front yard.

Amazing Greenhouse Earthship Home Design Made Of Recycled (20) - Decomagz

Amazing Greenhouse Earthship Home Design Made Of Recycled (20)

Products: Precast Reinforced Concrete Boxes, 4’ x 2’ to 20’ x 12’ (span x rise)

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RC Box Culvert (RCBC)

Deskripsi : RCBC atau bisa juga disebut Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert adalah salah satu produk precast kami yang bisa digunakan sebagai Jembatan (Crossing). Produk ini dapat digunakan untuk segal…

The four-storey mansion hidden underground: 15 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 20 toilets, a ballroom, a pool... and neighbours in uproar

The home in Knightsbridge, owned by Canadian David Graham, will descend more than 50ft below the surface - deeper than the height of neighbouring houses (shown in the graphic).

Attractive Underground Shipping Container Home Plans Darts Design Com Various

Enchanting Underground Shipping Container Home Plans Homes Pics Building. shipping container underground home plans. house

Underground Houses | Underground Home Builders

Baldwin O'Bryan , are experienced in building underground houses. Designed for energy efficiency and eco friendly system underground houses across Australia.