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This tiny rose-filled crescent moon tattoo. Another delightful rose-filled moon tattoo. (Photo: Grace LaMorte) This watercolor love quote. “I love you right up to the moon and back.” Which happens to be 768,800 km. (Photo: Jennifer Fowler) This delightful thigh piece. This piece was inspired by a songbook. We’re not quite sure what a songbook is but this piece is oh so cool to look at. (Photo: Emi Lynn Holler) This lovely linework moon tattoo. Looking so much like a wooden moon. (Photo…

(Photo: Brendon) This sketch style sword tattoo. (Photo: Inez Janiak) This Roman gladius. (Photo: Ricardo Da Maia) This psychedelic dagger. (Photo: Helena Darling) This neo traditional thigh piece. (Photo: Fearless Tattoo) This gem-handled da

Ash Blonde Hair With Black Roots

Grayscale Ombre This is a stunning example of platinum silver hair, which stands out against black roots. Try an ombre fade on dark hair and experience what it’s like to rock fairytale hair.