Hotel Familia - Ithaki, Greece - 7 Rooms - Coco-Mat Beds

Hotel Familia - Ithaki, Greece - 7 Rooms - Coco-Mat Beds

The Greek Ionian islands are located to the West of the mainland. They are traditionally called "Eptanissa", the "Seven islands" ~ This is Paxoi, the others are  Kerkyra or Corfu,  Antipaxoi,  Lefkada or Lefkas,  Ithaki,  Kefalonia, Zakynthos or Zante and Kythira. Truly idyllic..... <3

Menorca, Spain is Balearic Islands that happens to belong to Spain. it is located in the Meditteranian Sea. it is known for its clear blue water, which is so crystal clear that boats seem to float in midair. It is also an amazing place to deep water solo!

Vathy village, Ithaki island ~ Greece

View on Greek village Vathy

Ithaki beach Gidaki-Ionio Greece

Gidaki beach - its turquoise waters and beautiful landscape make it one of the best beaches in Ithaca.


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Ikaria, Greece

Seychelles Beach, Ikaria ~ One of the most Beautiful and Secluded Beaches in Greece It has been called the Jamaica of the Aegean Sea. This is one of Ikaria’s most intriguing beaches. The pebble-rock.