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an old fashioned steam engine is displayed on a brown background
Filtration Tower
an old rusted out model of a steam engine
Factory WIP (Typhus and some plague marines base) | Fantasygames
Scenery Ideas, Miniature Terrain, 40k Warhammer, Warhammer Miniatures, Wargaming Terrain
Shibboleth's Sumptown Chronicles (Necromunda & Inq28 Terrain & Warbands) - Forum
a display case filled with lots of model tanks and other items on top of a table
Necromunda terräng – thenickeninja's blog
an old rusted out machine sitting on top of a table
Factory WIP (Typhus and some plague marines base) | Fantasygames
a toy model of a space station on the ground
Sci-Fi Dungeon Gallery
an image of a dirty floor that is in the middle of some dirt and rocks
the inside of an old metal box with lots of pipes and other things on it
28mm – Modhail’s Space Hulk Project
an intricately carved wooden door on the side of a building
Inspiration thread (warning: lots of pics)
an old factory building with large pipes and smokestacks on it's side
The abandoned Weirton Steel Works in Weirton, WV. Photo by Chris Litherland. [2048x1363]
a model of a building made out of tin cans
an old machine that is sitting on a table
Filtration Tower