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Tigers are considered animals of power and strength. It is to symbolize this character that people ink tiger tattoo designs. Here are some of the best tiger tattoo designs ever!

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Rose beads sternum design tattoo- minus the rose, what else could go there? This is PERFECT doesn't need to be huge, small and danty

Butterfly Tattoos - thinking to put around my arm to finish my half sleeve.

Sensual, sexy or still a stigma in society? Popularly known as 'California license plates' and notorious for their placement on the body, tramp stamps are still a fashion statement boldly worn by thousands of individuals on their lower backs!


Design of Tattoos presents a collection of 20 beautiful butterfly tattoos. Colored, black and white, small or large the butterfly tattoos are absolutely gougers tattoos.

Sexy Lower Back Tattoos Women | Tramp Stamp Tattoos

Collection of sexy lower back tattoos for women consisting butterfly tattoo, lower back tattoo quotes and more. Enjoy these tramp stamp tattoo designs.