Monastery of Our Lady of Ipseni - Churches in Rhodes

Lardos is an inland village, in Southern Rhodes, just over a couple of kilometres from the Bay of Lardos, an up-and-coming resort, which happens to be very

Church of Saint George of Vardas - Churches in Rhodes

The church of Aghios Georgios (St. George) of Vardas was built in 1290 AD, and is set against the picturesque lake that was built in This is the tiniest

The Monastery of Artamitis - Churches in Rhodes

The Monastery of Artamitis is the most important place of worship for the villagers and it is about north of Aghios Isidoros. The monastery took its name

Church of Saint Fanourios - Churches in Rhodes

The church was restored during the century on the site where the miraculous icon of St. Fanourios was found by pagan Arabs, who had pillaged the island

Church of Saint Demetrios - Churches in Rhodes

This wonderful example of Gothic architecture was originally a Roman Catholic Church, which was later converted into a Greek Orthodox Church when the Knights

The Monastery of the Prophet Amos - Churches in Rhodes

The Monastery of the Prophet Amos can be found here, and it is a very simple, white-washed temple that sits on a lonely spot on a gentle hill just outside Kalithies

Tharri Monastery - Churches in Rhodes

One of the most interesting places of worship, historically and aesthetically, on the island is the Monastery of Tharri. It is one of those rare monasteries

Church of Saint Demetrios (Rodini) - Churches in Rhodes

Church of Saint Demetrios (Rodini) - Churches in Rhodes

VIRGIN TSAMPIKA - Churches in Rhodes

The Miraculous Lady for couples who are having trouble childbearing is high on the hill Tsampikas. The view from above is breathtaking.

Church of Saint Merkourios - Churches in Rhodes

There are at least three or four churches in this little sleepy-hollow and all are either on the main square or within walking distance of it. The two churches

St. Paul’s Church; Church of the Virgin Mary; Church of Taxiarchis Mihail Stratilatis; St. George of Pachymachiotes - Churches in Rhodes

VENUE - St Paul's Bay, Lindos, RHODES with its deep blue water, small sandy beach & enclosing rocky cliffs provides a setting of timeless serenity for a wedding in Greece. The bay is overlooked by the village of Lindos & its towering Acropolis.

Saint Francis Catholic Church - Churches in Rhodes

Francis is another well-known city landmark. Located adjacent to a section of the wall of the Medieval City, right opposite the Gate of

Holy Monastery Saint Nicholas of Fountoukli - Churches in Rhodes

The most important place in the area, which is to be found just outside the village, is the site of the Holy monastery of Fountoukli.