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a white vase with an animal design on it
Vessels | work
Vessels | work
many different vases are lined up on the table, one is black and white
Janne Cornish on Instagram: "close up stoneware miniatures . #セラミック #stonewareceramics #焼き物 #handmadeceramic #loveceramic @ceramics.lovers, #britishcraft #instapottery #miniature #seedpod #japandi"
a woman in an apron is working on a piece of pottery with the words do you feel it?
TMC Pottery Australia on Instagram: "Textured Open Neck Moon Vase. . Join us as we hand-build a Textured Open Neck Vase, perfect for adding elegance to any space. Here’s a step-by-step guide: . Cut circles from clay, shaping them on a mould. Use clay tools to shape the clay. . Repeat with the second circle. . Trim edges, score, slip, and join halves. . Pinch a seam and compress with clay tools. . Shape a piece of clay for a foot ring, score, slip, and attach. . Cut out 2 notches in foot ring for decorative effect. . Smooth surface with tools and a damp sponge. . Use a paper template to mark and cut a hole for the neck. . Smooth surface again. . Decorate with clay with a ball tool. . Finish surface with a clay brush and damp sponge. . Ensure even drying by covering
a green vase sitting on top of a wooden table
Handmade Ceramic Vase, Traditional Japanese Green Vintage Style - Etsy UK