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Personal creations based on personal relationships
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Faux Bijoux

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Key rings

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to be married soon

New year's charms

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some brown paper bags tied up with green string and small boxes filled with candies
three different pictures of flowers on the wall and in front of them are photos of teal colored candles
Painted by Sotiria Roumeliotaki, inspired by me
a plastic bag filled with lots of items on top of a wooden floor next to a wall
Silver, Rings For Men, Silver Rings
a wind chime with stars hanging from it's strings on a wooden table
Baby Stars...
two pictures of the same boat in water and one with a note attached to it
the package is wrapped in clear plastic and has a yellow ribbon around it's corner
a person wearing a ring with a skull on it's side and a rope attached to the middle
Accessories, Strap
three wrapped gift boxes sitting on top of a white counter next to a bag with ribbon
several different colored toothbrushes on a wooden table next to a potted plant
three different types of hair clips sitting on top of a table
Kids following the example
four different designs are shown in this collage with the words love and flowers on them
By Aspa's hand
several small boxes with bows on them sitting on a wooden floor next to each other
BijOUx ταξιδιΟΥ μαζί σΟΥ παντΟΥ
the wrapping paper is tied up and ready to be put into gift bags for someone's birthday