Veronika Trask

Veronika Trask

★For my demons★ καταστροφη της εξουσιας σε καθε μορφη
Veronika Trask
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This is random collection of pictures of beautiful women, cars and random things I like. None of these are my own so please let me know if you see one of your images and would like to receive credit.

American Mary Poster, just ordered this on Blu-Ray, has a lot of great reviews.

American Mary: This movie is sexy and freaky, like most fetishes are. Watch it over and over.

Raven from Teen Titans - Anslee wants her party based around this. Anslee will be turning 8. omg.

I love Teen Titans! Raven was always my favorite! I'm not sure why since I was usually drawn to pretty things (you know like Starfire) but I just loved Raven's look and personality!

Magpie - Beware the Batman

ok I don’t care what everyone says I’m frickin excited for Beware the Batman, especially Magpie. I’m kind of ashamed to admit that I m.