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the beach with text overlay that reads ultimate guide to the ultimate road trip
Ultimate Perth to Exmouth Road Trip
Driving from Perth to Exmouth has become one of Western Australia’s quintessential road trips. I moved to Geraldton a few years ago and set up a holiday stay there (clocking 75’000km on the car in the process!) so I’ve come to know the Coral Coast like the back of my hand. This itinerary is a selection of my favourite things to see and do that will offer you the most memorable experiences. These highlights are what I recommended to guests and come with local insider knowledge. ❤️
an aerial view of the beach with text overlay that reads, the sweet spot australian kite surfing far north queensland
The Sweet Spot: Kiteboarding at Australian Kite Surfari
In this post, I’ll be sharing details about our kite trip to Australian Kite Surfari to give you an idea of what to expect from this spot and stay, plus all the other need to know stuff. If you’re a kiteboarding enthusiast then this one should definitely be on your bucket list. #kiteboarding #australiankitesurfari #farnorthqueensland
a woman sitting on top of a mountain looking out at the valley and mountains with text overlay that reads 8 awesome hikes in the afternoon tablelands far north queensland
Awesome Hikes in the Atherton Tablelands
My favourites hikes in the Atherton Tablelands over the past two years. Expect waterfalls, epic views, mossy rainforests, swimming holes & more! #athertontablelands #hiking #farnorthqueensland
the best snorkeling and hiking spots on fizzy island
Fitzroy Island Snorkelling & Hiking Guide
Loved our day trip to Fitzroy Island recently. It was even better than I remember in both looks and activities, and it really is a little gem near Cairns. In this post I’ll be sharing tips from the beaches to the bush, guiding you on the prime snorkelling spots and hiking trails, plus all the other need-to-know info. Shezz.x #FitzroyIsland #GreatBarrierReef #FarNorthQueensland #snorkelling #hiking
palm trees with the words is this paradise? living in port douglas, australia?
Is This Paradise? Living in Port Douglas, Australia
A bit of reminiscing about our time living in Port Douglas. #portdouglas #expatlife #australia
the best hikes in gairs, australia with text overlay that reads travel mermaid and travel expert blog
The Best Hikes to Conquer in Cairns
Waterfalls, mossy rainforests & epic coastal views. Here's my top hikes and walks in Cairns for novice strollers & adventure seekers! #hikes #Cairns #Australia
a waterfall with text that reads, weekend getaway exploring hidden waterfalls near garns
Exploring Hidden Waterfalls Near Cairns
If you're looking for a fun weekender near Cairns, we had a real blast visiting some hidden waterfalls and swimming holes around Wooroonooran National Park. This post is a complete lowdown of our trip so you can plan a similar nature escape, including places to eat and stay. #waterfalls #Cairns #weekendgetaway #FarNorthQueensland
the best restaurants in port douglas australia
Best Port Douglas Restaurants You Need To Know About
If you appreciate good food like me and are looking for the best selection of restaurants in Port Douglas, then I’ve compiled a list of all my favourites. #PortDouglas #restaurants #FarNorthQueensland
a woman sitting on rocks in front of a waterfall with text overlay reading a port douglas hidden gems spring creek falls hiking trail
Spring Creek Falls Hiking Trail in Port Douglas
Spring Creek is a relatively hidden gem in Mowbray Valley, just a 10 minute drive from Port Douglas. Full of wildlife, rock pools, mini cascades and an impressive 75m waterfall called ‘Black Rock Falls’, it’s a perfect hike for those sticky hot days. Here’s my detailed guide to help you get there! #hiking #PortDouglas #FarNorthQueensland #Australia
the mountains with text overlay reading mount barbie free queensland's highest mountain
Battling Queensland’s Highest Mountain!
Sometimes it’s ourselves we really conquer, not the mountain! We took this hike three weeks ago and it was by far, the most challenging and rewarding thing we've done. This post covers our experience, plus all you need to know about climbing Mount Bartle Frere. #hiking #MountBartleFrere #FarNorthQueensland #Australia
the daitree and cape tribulat trail with text overlay reading 9 amazing reasons to visit
9 Amazing Reasons to visit The Daintree & Cape Tribulation, Australia
There are so many reasons why Australia’s branded ‘The Lucky Country’ and this incredible World Heritage Site is one of them. I feel so lucky to live next door and want to share some of it's magic with you. This icon is definitely a place that should be on your Aussie bucket list. #DaintreeRainforest #CapeTribulation #Australia
an alligator with its mouth open and the words living with saltwater crocodiles in australia
Living With Saltwater Crocodiles in Australia
Not all fauna around here is cute and fluffy 🐊 Here's a few tips and stories if you're ever in Far North Queensland! #animals #Australia #FarNorthQueensland
A piece on my recent experience at the GBR and how it's coping through climate change.  #GreatBarrierReef #Australia #climatechange Climate Change, Coral Reefs, Reef, Ocean, Best Kept Secret, Experience
Visiting the Great Barrier Reef in the Age of Climate Change
A piece on my recent experience at the GBR and how it's coping through climate change. #GreatBarrierReef #Australia #climatechange
the front cover of a book with an image of a bedroom and patio in it
A Rainforest Hideaway in Cape Tribulation, Australia
An eco-retreat on the wild side. Far North Queensland isn't short on isolation staycations but this is one of my favourites. Here's a piece I wrote on staying at Wildwood in the world's oldest rainforest. #CapeTribulation #ecoresort #Australia
the great barrier reef from port douglas with text overlay that reads snorkeling the outer great barrier reef from port douglas
Snorkelling The Outer Great Barrier Reef From Port Douglas
Finally! The Sailor and I recently visited the Outer Great Barrier Reef near Port Douglas. I read that it housed the biggest diversity of coral around here so I couldn't wait to visit. Here's what we saw and what to expect. #GreatBarrierReef #FarNorthQueensland #Australia #snorkelling