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a plate that has some food on it with flowers in the center and leaves around it
50 Times People Spotted Pareidolia In These Vegetables And Fruits And Just Had To Take A Pic
a watermelon sculpture of a lion's head is held in front of flowers
Lion 🦁
an owl made out of fruit is sitting on a plate with grapes, pineapples and strawberries
a plate full of sushi with a bird on it
a dragon made out of vegetables and dips on a platter with the words carpe draco
a piece of bread with an image of a face made out of fruit and vegetables
two stuffed bears made out of orange slices
fruit arranged in the shape of sunflowers, grapes and cheese on a plate
two stuffed bears made out of orange peels on a wooden floor with one cut in half
a white plate topped with fruit and a train on top of a wooden shelf next to bananas, apples, blueberries
an orange shaped like a mouse with green leaves around it's neck and eyes
Creative Orange Arts in 2022 | Food art for kids, Easy food art, Fun kids food
a blue plate topped with sticks and birds in a nest made out of grass next to red tulips
growing up hui
birds in a nest
a colorful bird made out of sushi on a cutting board with chopsticks
an orange monkey made out of fruit with leaves on it's back and eyes