«the tree» © Streif Licht, #Naxos

Simon Bode, The Tree (Griechenland, Europa) Süddeutsche Zeitung Photo

«Swimming under the sunset» © Jasem Alawadhi, Λουτράκι

Swimming under the sunset, Loutraki seaside resort,gulf of Corinth, Greece.

«The Monk» © Dimitris Vlaikos, Όρος Άθως

Photo and caption by Dimitris Vlaikos Mount Athos is not just one thing – it is many things combined; and each monk with his own personal history. They chant along with the sounds of nature, uniquely tuned to a divine frequency.

«Walking in colors» © Rapha Labaca Castro, #Athens

«Walking in colors» © Rapha Labaca Castro, #Athens

«The logic cat» © Mauricio Ricardez Mendez, #Patmos

«The logic cat