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Image detail for -Here's an edible twist on an Easter egg craft that normally uses yarn and glue. Melted chocolate drizzled over a balloon creates a decorative hollow egg that's good .

Περιβόλι της Παναγιάς: Πανεύκολο γλυκό ψυγείου με 5 υλικά, σε 15λεπτά χωρ...

The great thing about a winning combination like chocolate and hazelnut is there's no need to go to any trouble — let the flavours speak for themselves.

Δροσερή και ανάλαφρη κρέμα με μπισκότα στο… ποτήρι

Layers of chocolate graham crackers and Oreo pudding topped with chocolate frosting combine to create a delicious no bake dessert. On a tray!