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Never Give Up Fit quote*

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Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest.

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you gotta push yourself to get better

I needed to hear this yesterday :(Never give up. You'll end up stopping eventually either route you take, so why not push yourself until your done. You'll feel better about yourself.

don't give up. don't quit.

Workout Exercises : I’ve been having sex for a number of months now and have learned a thing or two. What I want to talk about today is how physical exercise with a kettlebell can make you into a better performer.

It's crazy how many people want to see you fail simply so they feel better about themselves. Do not give them the satisfaction.

I have some haters out there that I will prove wrong.Sometimes I feel like giving up, then I remember I have a lot of motherfuckers to prove wrong.

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Need to keep this in mind-- 3 months will go by either way, so might as well work hard, eat healthy, and exercise. Thank god times flies these days. Come on 3 months.