LESSON 2: Objective- working in small groups, students will create a cardboard relief that illustrates an EoA, while working in a series (about 4-9 pieces). Later, combine each series set to create 1 large display of the elements of art. Maybe exclude the EoA: Color.

Learn how to make a relief print out of cardboard, super fast. Lesson Plan Background: By creating individual and collaborative cardboard relief print projects,…


Osterkarten basteln – Ideen und Anleitungen

Paper Strip Easter Egg Art for Kids Could do this with any shape. Hearts for Valentines, Shamrocks for St. Trees or ornaments for Christmas. Well, you get the idea.

How to make an easy Easter postcard

How to make an easy Easter postcard (krokotak)

Make It... a Wonderful Life: kid's art- CD weavings would love to do a whole grade level or 2 of this

a Wonderful Life: cd loom this would make a great collaborative art project! Great instructions for cd weaving


Guernica Pablo Picasso Type Oil on canvas 349 cm × 776 cm in × in) Location Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain

QUIZLET GRADE 1  QUIZLET BASIC ART VOCAB  QUIZLET ELEMENTARY ART FLASHCARDS   PARENTS:  Practice cutting shapes out with your child at home, use newspaper, scrap-papers…anything!  Practicing…


Joan Miro - even without the use of colour, Miro manages to capture imagination… elements of shape, line, drawing warm up, non-objective