decorating with old windows and bottle

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a glass jar with a white bow on it
wedding deco with empty bottle
a glass jar with lace on the lid
wedding deco with empty bottle
a glass jar with some string on it
vintage wedding bottle deco
there are many jars on the table with ribbons around them and some candy in them
vintage wedding by Reverie
there is a framed photo on the table next to some glass jars and other items
memories in a box
two large bouquets of white roses sitting on top of each other
flowers arrangements
there are many different candies on the table
caddies bouquet
a framed wedding card with flowers and ribbons on it's back side, in gold frame
memories in a box
two pictures of flowers in a vase with ribbons
flowers are placed on the ground next to a tree
vintage wedding
two mirrors that are next to each other in the same room, one has been painted blue and white
a sign that is hanging on the wall next to a frame with flowers in it