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Our workshop has been working on Byzantine icon painting since Our handmade icons are made using the traditional Byzantine technique with a background of 23 carat gold sheets and egg based tempera paints.

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MYSTAGOGY: Holy New Martyr Nicholas the Grocer from Karpenisi (+ 1672)

Mystagogy Resource Center is an International Orthodox Christian Ministry headed by John Sanidopoulos.

Ss George, Nikanor, and Kosmas

An Intimate Icon – George of Ioannina

New Martyr Theocharis from Neapolis,Cappadocia: In 1740, the Ottoman Empire was at war & Sultan Ahmet ordered that all the male children of Christians be taken off to army camps. Theochari was taken into service & kept his faith. The cadi's wife was so impressed with him, they wanted him to marry their daughter & convert to Islam, he refused. He was sentenced to death by starvation and later stoned him and hung him on a birch tree & now a place of pilgrimage for Christians and Muslims alike.

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Saint Timothy the New Righteous Martyr of Esphigmenou (Greece, 1820) pretended to convert to Islam to get his wife back. The wife had left him for a Turk but soon regretted it. Once back together, the woman became a nun and Saint Timothy left for Mount Athos. Hearing of the martyrdom of Saint Agathangellos in 1819, Saint Timothy yearned to die for Christ. His abbot blessed him. He confessed the Faith to the authorities. He was imprisoned with his feet in a torture device and beheaded. (Oct…

Agathangelos the New Righteous Martyr of Esphigmenou - Martyred on April 1819 "Who will hear, without tearing and being touched, .

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12120033_857033331081973_2200567745073738474_o.jpg (1200×1600)