Tukama's Top 10 European Food Heavens

Italy It is universally accepted that Italian food is enormously gratifying. The sheer abundance of cheese, wine, horticultural produce, pasta and.


The date loomed over me and I still hadn’t completed my list of chores for the trip such as tickets, flights etc.

Top 7 wedding destinations In Greece

Top 7 wedding destinations In Greece - Tukama

Weekend Break in Malta

Weekend Break in Malta A weekend in Malta in the middle of July was an escape I could get and always had in my mind, as a game of Throne fan, and.

9 Awesome things to do in #Athens this summer  #trendy #summerplaces www.tukama.com

Athens is the oldest city in Europe. The birthplace of democracy, mathematics and theatre, amongst many more. But it’s a city that is in the unique.

Athens is in the throes of change. Amidst the twin crisis, the city is emerging as a singularly attractive destination for a multitude of exceptionally.

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Edipsos, in northern Evoia island is your typical Greek summer destination.