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an info sheet with some pictures and words about the different things that happen in this country
25 Little Known Slavery Facts That’ll Make You Emotional
01. In 1780, a slave named Elizabeth Freeman essentially ended slavery in Massachusetts by suing for her freedom on the basis that the new state constitution declared that all men are born free and equal. #history #slavery #war #didyouknow #interesting #fascinating #women #men #female #male #law #constitution #usa #america #unitedstates #battle
an image of the american inventor's inventions poster on a cell phone screen
777 Tri-Seven Entertainment African American Inventions Poster Black History Famous People Inventors, 18" x 24", (White)
PRICES MAY VARY. Glossy Poster Paper Made in USA Glossy poster paper Printed on high quality semi-gloss poster paper Printing process produces a vivid and detailed picture
the cover of the book, the assasination of fried hamption how the fifi and the chicago police murdered a black panther
The Assassination of Fred Hampton: How the FBI and Chicago Police Murdered a Black Panther
an old newspaper article with the caption'let us never forget what was the first american city attacked from the air? tulsa, the black district, 1932
It Can't Happen Here: There is Precedence for Air Attacks on US citizens on Domestic Soil
Oklahoma, Wedding, Brother Quotes Funny, African Diaspora
an old black and white photo with the caption'the man who killed j m crow '