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a black plate with green and blue designs on it sitting on a wooden table top
a wooden shelf with lots of paint tubes hanging from it's sides and the words 25 oil painting tips that you can't live without
12 Ways Artists Can Reduce Frustration While Painting - OutdoorPainter
How to store paint tubes
a hand is holding a lemon and stamping on paper
Fruit and Veggie Prints
Hyggeligt :-)
Timeless: From Vintage Postcards and Photos to Travel Pouch
New or antique, postcards are one of the simplest souvenirs to collect on summer travels. Here are three ways to transform them into playful mementos.
someone is making something out of paper with blue and white lines on it, while another person holds the piece of cardboard in their hand
Crafty DIY skills bloom at Creativebug
a person is cutting out a leaf with scissors
Printing with Leaves and Other Natural Objects