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Ponytails are such a great go-to hairstyle. They’re quick, easy, and get all of your hair up and out of the way. I , really love them. In fact, I find myself wearing them way more often than I’d like to admit. A few weeks…

Pressure points for head aches...

Curing headaches through the pressure points. I've actually had the toe point work, but the nerve blocks i now get - i never get headaches unless it's time for another one

DIY Headache Relief Salve #homemade #inspireothers

DIY Headache Relief Salve Ingredients: Coconut Oil Peppermint Essential Oil (I prefer Doterra) Lavender Essential Oil Supplies: 2 bowls (one large and one small) Spoon Boiling Water Tin or Container to put your DIY Basic Salve Home Remedy for Headache in

Yoga for headaches. I've been getting tarrable headaches ever sence I cut soda out of my life....hopefully this will help!

Yoga for headaches. I sometimes get really bad headaches and like most people I know I hate them! Hopefully this will work/I remember to try this the next time I get one.

Underwear drawer before & after. Amazing! I would love to do this with my heaping amounts of tights, legwarmers, and beanies

20 Bedroom Organization Tips To Make The Most Of A Small Space. Holly😊 note : this is great if you have a small room and you need to save space or if you just think it looks cool and maybe you could try DIY this cool before and after.