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Vourvourou-Karidi beach, Halkidiki

Vourvourou and Karidi beach In Halkidiki. Shaped like Poseidon’s trident and sticking out into the Aegean Sea, Halkidiki is a treat for visitors. Lush green forests that reach right down to the beach; golden sunlight reflected in the turquoise waters ღ

Garlic Butter Herb Roasted Potatoes 3

Garlic Butter Herb Red Potatoes - Crisp, soft, garlicky, and buttery. Topped with golden parmesan. Trying this tonight!

Garlic Butter Spaghetti

Garlic Butter Spaghetti…loved this quick and easy dinner…loved the flavor of the fresh spinach and basil and the parmesan topping was perfection…and the garlic…oh the garlic Garlic Butter Spaghetti…loved this…

Seychelles beach on Ikaria Greece

Seychelles Beach, Ikaria ~ One of the most Beautiful and Secluded Beaches in Greece It has been called the Jamaica of the Aegean Sea. This is one of Ikaria’s most intriguing beaches. The pebble-rock.

Megla-M by Stamatia Megla | Theatre Design & Fashion

Megla-M by Stamatia Megla


The Solowheel is the smallest, greenest, most convenient "People Mover" ever invented. This gyro-stabilized electric unicycle is compact and fun to ride and is intended to be used as you would use an electric bicycle.