Ioanna Charmani

Ioanna Charmani

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Ioanna Charmani
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Vintage Books Wedding Cake

Vintage Books Wedding Cake: such a neat idea! Hopefully whoever I marry someday will love some of the same books I do; perhaps we could have those titles on the cake.

The Cape

This is Buttons the Jack Russell and Kitty the Cat, an orphaned puppy and an abandoned kitten who adopted each other in Battersea Centre. The vets said Kitty used to cry when she was taken away from Buttons. So cute.

The Sideways Teddy

kitten with a bear---Awwww---We often say our cat needs a tiny stuffed animal to hold between his paws while he sleeps.

Somewhere in close proximity to this pool.

Taj Exotica Resort & Spa is a stunning, luxurious island resort in the Maldives. The dream resort offers an incredible scenery both within and outside of its facilities. Owned by Taj Indian luxury hotels, the Taj Exotica focuses on privacy