Julia Riska

Julia Riska

Greece,Athens,Glyfada / Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. -William Shakespeare
Julia Riska
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Mint, Basil, Cucumber & Lime Fizz by notwithoutsalt #Beverage #Cucumber #Lime #Mint #Basil

Mint, Basil, Cucumber and Lime Fizz large basil leaves mint leaves small slices of cucumber tablespoon fresh lime juice – 1 tablespoon simple syrup - soda water


“I want to inspire people. I want someoneto look at me and say ‘because of you, I didn’t give up.’” Throughmy experiences at Rasmussen College and my personal motivation toovercome adversities, I have been told that I am an inspiration

couldn't have put it better !!!  My tattoo reminds me of one of the best times in my life---my wedding-- and it is Mickey Mouse--who can EVER regret Mickey!!

so true, life is short, also you always hear "live in the moment" if somebody wants a tattoo in the moment, who cares if the regret it later. at least they won't regret NOT getting one.