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an image of the text in arabic and english on a yellow background with white writing
Ayat 1000 Dinar
Ayat 1000 dinar, latin dan artinya
an islamic text with green leaves on the bottom and arabic writing above it in two languages
ayat 1000 dinar dan artinya
#islamic #Ayat1000dinar
an advertisement with the words'dzikir pagi & petang i bratu besi '
an image of the sky and water with some words on it that say, do aggar nama avah dan liu kit di happus dar neraka
Intan Intan on Reels | Intan Intan · Original audio
a piece of paper that has been placed on top of an open book with arabic writing
Allah love you❤️
an arabic book with the title do'a ketika sempit rezek
Doa agar di permudah mencari Reseki
an arabic text is displayed on the page
an advertisement for a computer store with the words doa agar di mudahhan ursan
Prioritaskan Allah(@jimihanter) on TikTok: #dakwah #hijrahku #foryouuuu #doa #BetterMoodExpression