UNKU jewelry

UNKU jewelry

Thessaloniki, Greece / handmade cast jewelry
UNKU jewelry
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Because life is good when boarding. little golden mountain range necklace, gold mountain range, mountain necklace

Palm Tree Midi Rings Set By Flash Trash Girl £11,50

Palm Tree Midi Rings Set By Flash Trash Girl £11,50

Diamond ring

Phantom Diamond Ring by MelanyBE now featured on Fab.

gold silhouette diamond ring

Good for reference : gold silhouette diamond ring

adelineania: “ Karla Deras of Karla’s Closet ”

allmymetaphors: “ (via Golden watchful eye ring by datter on Etsy) desire ”

Geometric Silhouette Rings by OBJCTS

Silhouette Rings by Evan Dewhirst

Ring stack set

These statement-making rings come in a set of three, so you can stack them up (we love the way the shapes look together) or wear them separately, depending on your outfit—or your mood.