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70 colourful Arabic Alphabet stickers, perfect for helping children recognise the Arabic numbers,colours and shapes. The stickers can be used to make flashcards and worksheets.

أركان الاسلام للتلوين - مشروع عصفور التعليمي

أركان الاسلام للتلوين - مشروع عصفور التعليمي

islam 99 names of Allah... Subhannallah.. Islam is Beautiful.. InSyaAllah..Alhamdulillah

Download Islamic Posters: Prayer, Guidance, Alcohol, Music, Drugs etc

99 Names of Allah by Islamic Posters It has been narrated by Abu Hurairah that Allahs Messenger SAW said: Verily Allah has ninety-nine names, hundred bu. 99 Names of Allah

The Arabic alphabet is the Arabic script as it is codified for writing the Arabic language. It is written from right to left,…

Islamic Months Calendar Banners

The Hijri calendar is the calendar that Muslims use. In this post you'll find some basic facts about the Hijri calendar as well as print.