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Experiment with different ingredients to get the perfect brownie, every time. Try adding an egg for cake-like brownies, or brown sugar for a dense, chewy brownie. Swap in ingredients like almond flour (gluten-free and gooey) margarine (soft and light), an Cake Like Brownies, Chewy Brownies, Cocoa Brownies, Box Brownies, Nutella Brownies, Cheesecake Brownies, Brownie Cookies, Brownies With Almond Flour, Light Brownies Recipe

The Great Brownie Experiment

How do you get the perfect, chewy brownie? Or the perfect gluten-free brownie that doesn’t taste like a gluten-free brownie? It’s all about the ingredients. Shake up grandma’s secret recipe by swapping plain sugar for brown sugar, adding an egg, using almond flour... you get the picture. We experimented with 5 different ingredients and got 5 different (delicious) brownies.

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Yeasty Overnight Waffles — Cooking with Cocktail Rings

Waffles are a staple breakfast food but many times I have made waffles and they are too soft or too dry. It is hard to find a waffle that is just right. This is, in my opinion, the best waffle recipe. With waffles, the recipe is half the battle, it is also important to have a good waffle iron that cooks evenly. I prefer Belgian style waffle irons that flip the waffle.

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Can You Make Cold Brew Coffee at Home? The Best Recipe

Learn how to make cold brew coffee using a great recipe. Learn to brew it in three ways, inexpensively. It will taste better than the store bought cold brew.

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Coffee Grind Chart- Which Grind for Different Coffee Makers | GROSCHE

Coffee Grind Chart- One of the most important, and oftentimes overlooked steps in the coffee making process is the coffee grind. Over grinding or not grinding enough can make or break the bold and rich taste that coffee provides. Though it may be simpler to buy pre-ground coffee, the quality will be nowhere...

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