If you must sleep through a third of your life, why should you sleep through your dreams, too? -- Dr. Stephen LaBerge


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The Brain a User's Guide to Emotions Begin

pronunciation | mU-dE-ta

Mudita is a pure joy unadulterated by self interest. When we can be happy of the joys other beings feel, it is called mudita; the opposite word is envy or schadenfreude.

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That's a true! Good things and bad things. Life can not live one of these things, but life needs both. Without bad things you never know when is good. ''Bad things happen in life to teach us how to look at good things in a whole new light.

When you perceive something and interpret it with your mind, the object or thing that you witness becomes the word, idea, or the concept that you interpret.  What you are seeing therefore becomes the word...therefore you experience the mental image, the mental word.  This is the basis of subjective truth.  Subjective-ism occurs because there is a separation between the observer and observed.

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