by Hōitsu Sakai    "Peonies in the Wind"    Early 19th century, Japan

"Peonies in the Wind" Early century, Japan by Hōitsu Sakai Sakai Hōitsu was a Japanese painter of the Rimpa school. He is famous for reviving the style and popularity of Ogata Kōrin, and for creating a number of reproductions of Kōrin's work

【国画】王庆升作品选 [ Painting ] Selected Works of Wang L (by Google Translate).

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maihanami: Sekiguchi in the Evening, Takahashi Shōtei.

Sekiguchi in Evening Takahashi Shōtei (Hiroaki) (Japan, Japan, before 1936 woodblock print Japanese Art

Chinese Painting: Tiger - Chinese Painting CNAG234988 -

Hand-painted Chinese painting: Tiger - Chinese Painting The Leading Chinese Painting Supplier in China Have Huge Selection of Original Chinese Art Painting.

Qi, Anima, Nervous System, Brain, Air, Movement, Feeling, Consciousness…

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chinese dragon and tiger

Dragon, phoenix, tiger match diamond cross stitch crystal mosaic embroidery home decoration Diy diamond painting

When Cyllagwen of the Rain and Sol of the Growing Light fight over possession of…

Reminds me of my grandmother When Cyllagwen of the Rain and Sol of the Growing Light fight over possession of the sun.

Japanese Tiger Art | Ozuma Kaname : Dragon and Tiger 小妻要「龍虎図」

American Kenpo Karate (The Wisdom of the Dragon and the Strength of the Tiger). This was the Inspiration for Elvis' Dragon and Tiger jumpsuits

Chikudo_ Kishi , Sitting Tiger, late 19th century

Chikudo_ Kishi, Japan, Sitting Tiger, late century, ink & color on paper