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a ballerina in black and white doing a dance move
random beauty
✯ Tiit Helimets in Sylvia rehearsal :: San Fransisco Ballet✯
two men doing acrobatic tricks on the ground
Ted Shawn and His Men Dancers in Kinetic Molpai, 1935 | Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival
an old photo of a woman in the air with her arms up and legs apart
Mikhail Baryshnikov: happy birthday, 2009!
Mikhail Baryshnikov!! Brilliant!!
a man doing a handstand on the street
Gorgeous Portraits of Ballet Dancers Gracefully Moving through the Streets of Mexico City
Gratitude—that's what New York-based photographer Omar Robles took away with him after his latest experience photographing ballet dancers in urban backdrop
a man in white shorts and no shirt jumping up into the air
Thiago Soares, o bailarino brasileiro mais bem sucedido no exterior, comemora 15 anos de carreira
Estrela do Royal Ballet de Londres, o bailarino Thiago Soares está em turnê pelo país (Foto: Divulgação)
a man flying through the air while riding a skateboard in an empty parking lot
Sergei Polunin by Mario Sorrenti - Fucking Young!
Ukrainian ballet dancer Sergei Polunin photographed by Mario Sorrenti and styled by Anastasia Barbieri, for the latest issue of Vogue Hommes Paris.
a male ballet dancer in the air with his arms extended and feet spread wide out
The Art of Movement: Breathtaking photographs of incredible dancers in motion
Daniil Simkin
a male ballet dancer in white tights and no shirt is posing for the camera
Tutto esaurito a Spoleto per “Roberto Bolle and Friends”
Tutto esaurito a Spoleto per "Roberto Bolle and Friends"
a man is doing yoga in the middle of nowhere
Peace & Karma
♂ Quote about Yoga by Patanjali, “Yoga is the cessation of the movements of the mind. Then there is abiding in the Seer's own form.” strength, body, mind, soul
a quote that says dance even if the only music is the rhythm of your own heart
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Dance even if the only music is the rhythm of your own heart
a black and white photo with a quote on it that says, i do not try to dance better than anyone else only try to dance better
#Dancer #Quote http://dancesitesdoneright.com/category/dance-studio-marketing-business-development/
the young ballerina is dressed in pink and white
"Do it big, do it right, and do it with style." Fred Astaire ❤
I can't stand it when people, even non dancers, don't point! It drives me crazy! Funny Memes, Jokes, Motivation, Gym Humour, Funny Quotes, Gym Humor, Flirting Humor, Hilarious
I can't stand it when people, even non dancers, don't point! It drives me crazy!
a man in black shorts and a brown sweater doing a dance pose on the street
Breathtaking Portraits Of Ballet Dancers Practicing On The Streets Of New York
Ballet Dancers
a pair of purple ballet shoes sitting on top of a floor next to a wall
Zapatillas de Ballet
just yes Children Photography, Photoshoot, Baby Ballet, Ballet Pictures
Seeking The South
just yes
two people are doing yoga on the beach at sunset with their arms in the air
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Dancing over the sun
a row of ballerinas standing on one leg in the air
My Heart Beats In Drum Breakdowns
a ballerina's feet are shown in front of the camera as she walks down the runway
Miss Zeit
Beautiful ballerina. Via @jena1125. #ballet #dance
a woman in white ballet shoes sitting on some stairs
ZsaZsa Bellagio
This ballerina strikes a unique pose sitting on the stairs.
a woman is standing on a pole with her legs crossed and feet bent over the pole
Pole Art - Rubber Pencil
Pole Art - Rubber Pencil | Pole dance photography photograph… | Flickr
a man doing a handstand in front of a white background with his legs spread out
Via Lois Greenfield Photography : Dance Photography : Sara Joel
a shirtless man doing a dance pose in front of a dark background with one leg bent forward
NYC Dance ProjectNYC Dance Project
Principal dancer, Bolshoi Ballet: Artem Ovcharenko / Copyright © 2015 NYC Dance Project, All rights reserved.
black and white photograph of a person's feet
Dance, Dance, Dance! by Formento+Formento , via Behance
a woman is standing on one leg in front of a brick wall and holding her arms out
The Last Dancer | Dance Lifestyle Shop & Blog
Dancer in a doorway
two ballerinas in black and white pose for the camera while one dancer holds his arm out
La Sylphide Du Bolchoï
maya plisetskaya | Tumblr
two dancers performing on the floor with their arms stretched out and legs bent over each other
Nederlands Dans Theater - Black and White - Parte 2
Jiri Kylian's "Petit Mort" Nederlands Dans Theater
two dancers are performing on stage in front of a black background and one is holding the other
Unique – Page 294 – Ballet: The Best Photographs
© Angela Sterling