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twelve blue and white vases with designs on them sitting on a wooden table next to each other
Sea creatures
six blue and white buttons with designs on them
Painted dosinia discus shells
several seashells painted with different colors and designs
Drawing on shells... a new canvas! I especially like the ones with holes in them.
a woman's hand with red and black bracelets on her wrist, holding a rose
a woman's hand wearing a bracelet with pink flowers on it and green string
УКРАШЕНИЯ крючком 100 идей!
УКРАШЕНИЯ крючком 100 идей! | Вязание Крючком | Дзен
a blue scarf with eyeballs and tassels on it sitting on a bed
pink and white flowers are arranged in the shape of a spiral on a gray surface
several crocheted flowers and beads are laid out on a white surface, including one blue flower
several crocheted dachshunds are displayed on a wooden board with scissors
Остатки - сладки, остатки пряжи - в дело! Собрала примеры, как искусно приспособить остаточки
an open book with two crocheted animal paw decorations on it's pages
Marca texto patinha em crochê