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the instructions for how to make art tubes
a drawing with a pencil on top of it
by Sharon Sterner
This is also fun with an outline of your hand. Neat three Dimentional drawing!
four pictures with different shapes and lines on them, each showing the same color scheme
an abstract drawing with lines on it
Hoe werkt 3D tekenen?
Hoe werkt #3D tekenen? | Creatief | Kinderen | Tekenen
an abstract black and white line drawing with wavy lines in the shape of waves on a white background
hand op art
hand op art - Google Search
an iphone screen with the text craftytutorial on it and images of different materials
a drawing of a hand on a red and green striped paper
Åk 4 arbetar med komplementfärger.
a piece of paper with an image of waves on it and the title above it
Op illusion heart