Agistri island, Greece

In the Saronic Gulf, just a breath's distance from the city of Athens, lies the island oasis of Agistri.

Agistri island!

Agistri island!


Summer is without a doubt the best season in which to fall in love. Nothing compares to a summer romance and Agistri Island has long been a favorite for couples or those on the lookout for love.

Metochi steps, Agistri

Exploring The Striking Villages of Agistri

Agistri | DOC TV | documenting everyday life

Across the water from Aegina, a gem of an island with turquoise seas, relatively unknown and unspoilt

Facade, Agistri island

A house in Agkistri island Enjoying Autumn but also longing for Spring

Limenaria village Agistri photo credits ©

Exploring The Striking Villages of Agistri