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two green vases sitting next to each other on a white surface with an oil logo
International Job offers and awards by Agence Marc Praquin
Simple design, yet effective. I love how the bottle of olive oil is shaped as an abstracted olive leaf. The green logo and text also blends in naturally with the bottle and the oil itself.
the branches of a pine tree are blurry
How to Prune Rosemary Plants
How to Prune Rosemary. Trim down to about half the height. Do not cut too low down
an unori deodorant next to a plant
We have so many images with the products laying down but something like this…
an image of some lines that are in the air with different colors and shapes on them
Cosmetics mock-up
Cosmetics mock-up Design Template - Product Mock-Ups Graphics Design Template PSD. Download here:
an image of the back side of a computer screen with different lines and shapes on it
Natural Cosmetic Packaging Mock-Ups Vol.2
Natural Cosmetic Packaging Mock-Ups. Download here:
an image of some olives and leaves on a white background with a bottle of lotion next to it
Crème Fondante Visage Le Clos des Oliviers. Plus
the green packaging design has been designed to look like it is being used for cosmetics
Lédonia Cosmetics 簡約自然包裝 | MyDesy 淘靈感... - a grouped images picture
Lédonia Cosmetics 簡約自然包裝 | MyDesy 淘靈感 - created via
several business cards with different colors and sizes are shown on a white background, including one for
Start A Fire
Youth Lab Cosmetics uses highlighter colors for their cosmetic packaging design. Tubes and boxes.
an image of some type of packaging on display with the same product in front of it
Nahua Cosmetics — The Dieline - Branding & Packaging... - a grouped images picture
Nahua Cosmetics — The Dieline - Branding & Packaging - created via
an array of different types of objects on a white surface with purple and yellow accents
Creative Scene Creator Mockups
Cosmetic Packaging Branding MockUp by Mockup Zone on @creativemarket