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Create pretty paisley stones to decorate your garden, a potted plant, or even…

paisley painted stones diy Painted Paisley stones make beautiful decorations in your garden or potted plants, or even on your desk as a paper weight!

very cute painted rock!

Such a simple thing, but a little hand painted stone (painted by you of course!) could be such a gift from the heart and costs next to nothing! (nothing if you already have a bit of acrylic paint and (Diy Garden Rocks)


Looks like fun. Orginal poster said: "Rock creatures. We have had MANY rock painting parties when all the neighborhood kids are over, makes for a fun garden!


Painted rocks (stones) fish magnets by Alika-Rikki cute activity.have the magnets already hot glued to the stones and let kids paint and put aside to dry. Read Only one You before art activity.