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As a society, we have learned to adapt to a near impossible situation; a false dichotomy of separation; through paternalistic governments that dictate our rights, not protect them; through divisive religions that teach separation; through illusory media, which sells fiction as fact; through manipulated economies, founded on a presumption of inherent debt; poisonous “health” practices; suppression of history; and educating our kids in a way that steers their natural way of thinking.

Something that I know I would like to see in the future is more unity and less ignorance. "We are all, quite literally, Brothers & Sisters. We should work together in unity and in peace.

Creating a safe zone in all aspects of my life. Working towards a better world, embracing my power for the greater good and supporting others in embracing theirs too.

lgbt-equality-for-everyone: Welcome ALL [A sign reads, ‘WELCOME. All sizes. All colors. All ages. All cultures. All sexes. All beliefs. All religions. All types. All people. SAFE HERE’

Boho bikini

If anybody can freaking find me this bikini so I can buy it. it's driving me nuts! I want it