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do you know the meaning of #flowers?

Flowers and their Meanings

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artist: moa810 ​​​​
(20) Tweet nội dung bởi 타코작가 (@taco1704) / Twitter


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How to draw cybernetic arms [x-post /r/restofthefuckingowl] : Cyberpunk
Elle | Industrial Designers Society of America - IDSA

Replacement Limbs

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Harp Guitar (Bohmann) 1910
Maret-Helix-Front                                                                                                                                                      More                                                                                                                                                      More
Yellow Aminated Bauhaus Teapot. $145,00, via Etsy.

Fantasy Mundane Things

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Cyber Goth Fashion   Model: Jessie Sherman rocks this synthetic hair style created by MUA/Stylist Ramona Potts of Atomic Kitten Salon made of Kanekalon Rast-A-Fri hair, PET Woven Mesh Tubing and Electro-Luminescent Wire. Presented during the “Punk Couture” fashion show at the Padre Hotel in Bakersfield, California. We spent days twisting up that hair and setting it into shape by using boiling water, then braiding the strands into the style.  The goggles we #AtomicKitten
"All my life I was taught to respect the Royals. I was told that I was somehow less of a human being than them. But now I'm all grown up. I won't accept those lies you spoon-fed me as a child. I served you. All these years. I lived for you and you alone. Now I AM less of a human being than you, your majesty. But guess what? I'm also more of a beast."


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Top Funny Quotes     i feel like with certain spells with more raw magic, casters will leave marks the colour of their own magic
(o•ᴗ•o) — level 2 spell scars :) have fun when you suffer ...

Magic Scars

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gloomy-prince: “Like I said, I’m not good at explaining things, but I hope this helped at least a little bit! I didn’t really mention this in the tutorial, but my way of drawing is obviously...

Shading and Lighting

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"Capricorn - Shitty Horoscopes Book X: Lovers & Losers" Sticker by musterni | Redbubble


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Petit Tuto - english version by Ni-nig on DeviantArt
Step by Step - Melly Portrait by *Katikut on deviantART
Composition techniques - these are some good guidelines to make an artwork, however there are always exceptions. There are no rules in art


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(o•ᴗ•o) • Posts Tagged ‘worldbuilding’
Filibusterfrog on Twitter: "magic diseases… "


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English Translation from Russian


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VARIOUS POKEBALLS Created by Sean Cantrell ... – On The Level Gaming
eeveelution personified


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Steven Universe Gem Guide 2 - Gem Color Pallette by DYW14 on ...

Steven Universe & Gems

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Art Nouveau Princesses by Never Bird Designs, mix & match postcards, 3 for $7
Costume Designs from The Princess and the Frog by Lorelay Bove


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Artist: strawberrylind (Tumblr)


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