Get those little hands busy with over 50+ creative crafts that will help their development and pass some time instead of watching tv or playing gadgets.

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Here is a fun activity you can do inside once it gets dark: shadow puppets! Check out the blog for all the details!

Shadow puppets & Cricut template

DIY Shadow Puppets’ Printables from The House that Lars Built. These are beyond easy to make and you can use them with Hand Shadow Puppets Poster from Etsy posted on Truebluemeandyou here and DIY Shadow Puppets’ Tutorial from Handmade Charlotte here.

DIY Silly Face Stamps and a Get Messy Contest!

DIY Silly Face Stamps and a Get Messy Contest

Mermag is always a huge source of inspiration for us. And this super cute Silly Face Stamp project is a real winner. For hours of colorful fun, all you need is craft foam, wood blocks, paint and glue.

Balloon Dart Painting with Kids. A fun and creative way to paint outdoors!

Balloon dart paint- assign point values to each balloon, each team tallies up points for the balloons they pop, compare beautiful pieces of art


Fun with shadow puppets! You can do these with kids of all ages. I did them with two and three year olds. While the cognitive ability to figure out the idea of the shadow, etc, was very different, everyone still had fun doing them.