I am sick of people using me, getting what they want, sticking around for a bit, then disappearing. You got what you wanted now disappear, clearly I didn't mean as much as what you meant to me. People tell me I'm a horrible person, well guess what, it's people like you that have made me this way.

After two+ years, I've finally realized this. It's a shame. What's one hour a month to see an old friend or three seconds to respond to a text message.

I forget this fact sometimes. I dont realize that other people think differently, and I keep acting in such a way assuming they would understand. I realize I might hurt a lot of people this way. Im so sorry for this.

Meeting someone with the same mindset as you is rare, INFJ and INFP-T

I Blame Myself For Everything ~ My body is broken. I hate myself for putting my husband through this... he deserves someone who can give him children...

I always blame myself on the inside, Still feel guilt for so many things. Logically, it probably isn't my fault, but I can't stop this feeling that I'm ruining everyone else's life.


Some people think whatever they do to you, you will always be there for them . They think !