"Instead of organizing and cleaning my house, I pin ideas on how to organize and clean my house. The irony is not lost on me." And then pin jokes about pinning tips instead of cleaning.

So true

Missed my alarm…

I looked like this this morning! That is my face when i wake up when the alarm clock goes off . Cause its like reeeeeaally do i have to get up and that is also how my hair looks when i wake up:-V

Hahaha truth!

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: The best thing about being in my is that I did all of my stupid shit before the internet.

single girl problems

Sums up my life. Funny Breakup Ecard: 'No Boyfriend November was a success, should I go for Don't Date December? Just me January? Forever Alone February? No Man March?

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 74 Pics

"I want someone to look at me the way I look at chocolate cake" LOL. Funny Pictures Of The Day – 74 Pics


Funny Christmas Season Ecard: Santa, for 2013 all I want is a fat bank account, and a skinny body.