My handsome cat!!!
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Cat tree by LinaV. This is so badass I cant even. I want one in every room of my home right now.

Cat tree by LinaV. This is such a cool item, wish it was possible to get a real tree like this. It would be so cool to have just one let alone every room of the house.

I wub U ♡

Purrs, Drools, and Cuddly Cuteness: 15 Adorable Pictures of Babies and Their Pets - For some families baby doesn’t make three -- it makes four. Check out these oh-so-cute (and pretty funny!) pictures of babies and their pets sleeping together!

What a wonderfully adorable cat, I love that sweet face! Just Love Cats ♥ SLVH ♥♥♥♥♥

Kind of creeped me out at first! Thought it was a hamburger???!!! But so cute!!!

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5 Life Hacks Fur Cat Owners

Puppies toys cats 5 Life Hacks fur Cat Owners by Cole & Marmalade -- 1 Use rubber gloves to remove fur. 2 Marinate old cat toys in catnip. 3 Make a cat cave. 5 Whack a mouse!

how to teach your cat to use the toilet

teaching a cat how to poop in the toilet. cat pooping in toilet. no more litter box.

tea anyone ?

Animals and people mixed. This gives the bird a sophisticated look with the tea cup and long jacket. The bird looks bright against the faded background and its beak looks like the main stand-out colour among the cooler colours.


10+ Cats Who Love Sun More Than Anything

It's a well known and established fact that when cats are not taking a nap, they are plotting to take over the world. Probably the only pastime they love